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3rd Nuba Mountain Languages Conference

September 27-29, 2017

Preliminary list of presenters

Claude Rilly ((LLACAN-CNRS, Villejuif)

The Reconstruction of Proto-Nyima (Ama / Mandal // Afitti)

Nicolas Quint (LLACAN-CNRS, Paris)
Koalib ideophones: a first overview of their main characteristics

Gertrud Schneider-Blum (University of Cologne)
Topic and focus in Tima

Russell Norton (TCNN, Nigeria, and SIL International)
Classifying the non-Eastern-Sudanic Nuba Mountain languages: Evidence from pronoun categories and lexicostatistics

Gumma Ibrahim Gulfan (independent researcher)
Tense, Aspect and Mood (TAM) in Taglennaa (Kordofan Nubian)

Ahmed Hamdan (independent researcher)
Karko Dictionary

Yousif Saeed (University of Khartoum)
Solution for the Cw onsets syllabification in Wàrkîımbɛ̀ɛ̀

Ulrike Nüsslein (Universität Erfurt) and Awad Baba Hassan (independent researcher)
The number marking system of nouns in Julut

Abeer Bashir (University of Khartoum)
Noun class and Number Marking in Tagoi

Suzan Alamin Mubarak (King Abdulaziz University of Jeddah)
On the Verbal System of Tagoi

Waleed Alshareef (University of Khartoum)
Genitive constructions in Abu Jinuk (Kordofan Nubian, Eastern Sudanic)

John Vanderelst (independent researcher)
Linguistic archeology: non-productive processes and vestigial morphemes in Dagik

Birgit Hellwig (University of Cologne)
Katla argument structure: The comitative verbal extension

Sawsan Abdelaziz M. Nashid & Maha Aldawi Abdalla (University of Khartoum)
An Initial Sketch of Rashad Noun Phrase

Nada Sukkar (University of Khartoum)
Nominal number marking in Kaaral (Kordofan Nubian)

Darryl Turner (independent researcher)
Prepositions and pronominal case in Katcha

Sharon Rose (University of California, San Diego)
The typology of vowel harmony in Nuba Mountain Languages

Heleen Smits (Leiden University) and John Shakir (independent researcher)
Negation strategies in Lumun

Mona Hashim (University of Khartoum)
Language Attitudes of Rashad Dialect Speakers

Ahmed Sosal (University of Khartoum)
The Consonant System of the Lafofa Language

Thilo C. Schadeberg (Leiden University)
Locatives in Ebang (Heiban, Kordofanian)

Roger Blench (University of Cambridge)
Comparative Heiban and the evidence that it forms a genetic group with Talodi

Peter Jenks, Angelo Naser, and Hannah Sande (University of California at Berkeley)
The Moro Story Corpus: An online searchable text database and lexicon of Moro

Peter Jenks (University of California at Berkeley)
The semantics of verbal deixis in Moro

Ali Ibrahim (independent researcher) and Angelika Jakobi (University of Cologne)
Expressions of emotions, sensory and cognitive perception in Tagle

Abdelrahim Hamid Mugaddam (University of Khartoum)
Language status and use in the villages affected by the construction of Atbara-Sitiet Dam in Eastern Sudan

Lena Pointner (University of Cologne)
Verbal plural in Tabaq

Katherine Walker (University of Cologne)
Nominal plural in Tabaq

Gerrit J. Dimmendaal (University of Cologne)
Deconstructing Kordofanian, and reconstructing Niger-Congo

Contact: Dr. Gertrud  Schneider-Blum